Making snacks and meals is one at-home, Montessori-aligned task recommended by Highland Community School as part of its distance learning program.

Learning during COVID-19: Highland Community School

School promptly launches Montessori distance learning with clear expectations for students, parents, and educators

By: Isral DeBruin

This recent backyard science lesson is one example of how Highland Community School is keeping students engaged in Montessori learning during COVID-19.
“Distance learning” doesn’t always mean “online learning.” A student from Highland Community School uses a Hundred Board to build math skills, part of the school’s Montessori approach to remote instruction.
Two brothers collect specimens for a science lesson as part of Highland Community School’s Montessori distance learning program.


Highland Community School is a public charter school authorized by the Milwaukee Board of School Directors.

  • Enrollment: 416 students
  • Student demographics: 39.7% Black; 38.5% White; 10.3% Two or More Races; 9.9% Hispanic; 1.4% Asian; 0.2% American Indian
  • Students from economically disadvantaged households: 44%
  • Students with special needs: 13.2%
  • Students with limited English proficiency: 0.5%
  • State rating: Meets Expectations
Highland Community School’s distance learning program employs diverse approaches, including more traditional remote instruction via video.

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